Child Theme Codes

Hi guys,
I know it is a simple job, but every time I do it, it breaks.
Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with my child theme code below?
I’ve tried both Template: perthpro and Template: perth-pro
the first doesn’t work, the second loads but icons are over sized and the menu is in a vertical list, it’s just a mess.

thanks for your help

Theme Name: Perth Pro Child
Description: Child theme for perth pro
Author: Athemes
Template: perth-pro


@import url("…/perthpro/style.css");

@import url(’…/perthpro/style.css’);
Should be perth-pro here instead of perthpro unless you changed the theme’s folder.
Might also want to take a look at the Codex page for child themes, the @import method hasn’t been the recommended one for a couple of months now.

Hi Vlad,
Thanks for being so supportive.
You may realize by now I am not code savvy, i wish I had the time to learn it, but I am a project manager and business strategist. Clients are asking me to build their websites because I understand how to challenge and construct their business strategy into a website, other designers are not doing that for them.
I should have done the child theme at the start, but been having trouble since the start.
If you can be so kind, can you give me the correct child theme codes?
Every time i use the codes below, it tells me I am missing index.php file. If you still have the details for the login details site, you are welcome to have a look. I’ve not altered the theme’s folders in any way,
I’m not that clever :slight_smile:


Theme Name: Perth Pro Child
Theme URI:
Author: aThemes
Author URI:
Description: Perth Pro Child Theme
Version: 1.10
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
License URI:
Text Domain: perth-pro-child
Tags: light, two-columns, right-sidebar, fluid-layout, responsive-layout, custom-colors, custom-background, custom-header, custom-menu, featured-images, sticky-post, theme-options, threaded-comments, translation-ready


Now you’re just missing the Template: perth-pro part. So basically you created an incomplete parent theme there, rather than a child theme for Perth Pro.

This goes in the child’s style.css:

 Theme Name:   Perth Child
 Template:     perth-pro

This goes in the child’s functions.php:

add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'perth_child_enqueue' );
function perth_child_enqueue() {
    wp_enqueue_style( 'parent-style', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css' );

Vlad, you are a rockstar! It worked first time!
Thank you for the kind support, I really owe you.