Child theme appears to not be working after recent theme update

Hi there.

I’m still relatively new to WP, so hopefully I’ve missed something fairly simple. We are using Syndey Pro for a client site, and we created a Child theme when we first started to work on the site a few months back, as we are doing some customization to the CSS. One of the areas we customized was the colour of all the heads on the site (h1s to H6s).

After the most recent update (today for me) the custom blue colour used on the heads is no longer showing when I update a page or post - an update as simple as adding a single line of text and then hitting the update button. No edits actually were made to any of the heads so far, and no edits were made to the CSS yet today.

The heads now appear in black on any page that I updated after the recent theme update. On pages I have not changed or updated the blue colour still shows on the heads.

Did I need to do anything specific to the Child theme of Sydney Pro after I updated the parent Sydney Pro theme? (i.e. re-link it to the parent theme somehow?)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hello BarlowBooks,

Can you please provide some explanatory screenshots with a link to your website to let me inspect it?

You can upload screenshots to your WordPress Media Library and share a link, or you can use one of the online screenshot services.

Kind Regards, Roman.


If you’re referring to pages built with the Page Builder plugin, it’s probably because we’ve now added an option to the page builder to change the headings’ color. You can either use that option, or simply append !important in your child theme to your blue color so that it doesn’t get overridden.

Hi there. Thanks for your responses.

We managed to discover the changes made to the page builder plug-in on our own (via reviewing page source code in Dreamweaver), and we appended “!important” to our CSS code prior to getting your message.

I have since looked for patch notes for the theme, but haven’t had much success locating any. Do you release patch notes when you make changes to the themes? If so where can I locate them.

If not, it would be extremely helpful if you did. It took us two hours to confirm what had changed with the theme to cause our head colour problem and then to come up with a solution to resolve it.

Thanks again for your responses.


We usually present what was changed in the update notice so not in a way that would actually help you find code changes.

I’m sorry it took so long to resolve it, I probably didn’t understand correctly what you were asking if !important didn’t solve it.

What I understood is that you previously had some custom CSS like h1,h2 etc. { color: #333; } which was no longer working. So my suggestion to do something like { color: #333 !important; } would have definitely fix it.
This happened because you can now control the headings in a widget from the widget options. The new color option is set from JS, so naturally it would override your CSS.

Could you maybe share a link to your site please where I can see one of the headings that was affected?

Hi Vlad,

Appending our custom head CSS with !important did work for us. You did understand our problem correctly, and your solution was the same one we came up with. Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my previous post.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the changes in the update notice, when I updated the theme, but I will pay closer attention next update (my bad for not noticing them). I remember seeing the fact that there was an update to the Sydney Pro theme. I then clicked the update button and then WordPress went through its update process to update the theme. I don’t remember seeing a notice about the actual changes to the theme tho while it was updating. I will have to pay closer attention next time.

In the meantime I will review the headings widget, and decide if, in the long term, I should make use of it instead of using !important.

Thanks again!

Okay, cool. Just to clarify, this is the new option I’m talking about:

There’s a link next to the update button in the notice, it says something like Click here to see the changes. Though we should probably have something better than that.