Checkout problems

Dear Athemes,

I am having difficulties with my checkout. It all seems like a big chaos and I don’t know how to get my checkout page organised again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried editting the CSS without succes, I disabled all plugins but without any succes so far.

Thank you in advance

I forgot mentioning the URL:

Is there a way i can organise the checkout properly in 1 colunns?


So, did you mean that you want to make the checkout page centered? If yes, you can use this CSS code below:

.woocommerce-cart #primary {
    margin: auto !important;
    float: none;

Add the code in above to Customizer > additional CSS.


Thank you, did the trick

Could you mayne look in to my other topics?
It would be awesome if you could help me center my product page!