Changing widget titles to lower case

Me again. :wink:

I successfully changed the menue titles to lower case with this custom css code:

section .widget-title {
text-transform: none;

Now I added a video widget to the front page and the title is upper case although it seems to be same css class:

<h3 class=“widget-title”>Video</h3>

Can you help me to set it to lower case also.

Thanks a lot!



Add this too please:

.so-panel.widget .widget-title {
    text-transform: none;

Thank you!

Is there a way to change the color of the title for each new widget, too? And also the underline of it?




.panel-grid-cell .widget-title {
     color: #444;
.panel-grid-cell .widget-title:after {
     border-color: #333;

Thanks again! Works great.