Changing Title Colour in Visual Editor

Is it possible to change the colour of title for the widget called Visual Editor? I use Visual Editor twice on the same page but the change should apply to one instance only. Thanks!

Yeap, though you’re going to need to target that widget in CSS by ID. I can help if you show me the one you want to change.

Great, here is a link:

Well, you already have the ID there, so you would add something like this:

#panel-26-1-0-0 .widget-title {
      color: #fff;

Also, please go to your first row in the page builder and set the row style to standard so you get rid of the horizontal scrollbar.

Hmm, this changes the colour of all widget titltes to white ((

Are you sure you added it right? I tested it in the dev tools on your website and it works right.

Pasting it literally did not work, so I made some minor changes (replaced # with a full stop and added a comma after panel ID). Here is what I ended with: .panel-26-1-0-0, .widget-title {
color: #ffffff;

That code is not the same thing. First, .panel-26-1-0-0 doesn’t exist. It’s an ID so it starts with #. Second, adding the comma there means that you’re targeting two elements.
Here’s a screenshot with the code I gave you applied from the dev tools, so I’m pretty sure it works:

Oops, it does, my fault. Thanks and sorry for the trouble!