Changing the Backgroundcolor

hello, how can i change the backgroundcolor for a page. please hae a look at the frontpage and sroll downd. I want the white color change into black.
Every color can be changed, but i didnt find out, to change this background.

Web example

thanks and greets paule


Unfortunately we have an option to change the whole background color for single pages. But you can use a bit of custom CSS in a custom CSS plugin to do this specifically for that page:

.page-id-2 .content-wrapper.container {
      background-color: #000;

thanks for the answer. the theme is sooo great, everything is changeable, but not the background. Can this be fixed, please ?

I guess we could add this. But please note that there isn’t much point in adding color options for absolutely everything since most people won’t use them. We’ll just end up bloating the theme. It’s better just to give some custom code specifically for people that need it, like it was the case here.

Hi Vlad, really great, if you can add this !