Changing Text Colors

First off: Awesome template!
I’m busy building a new website with this template and I encountered the problem that I can’t seem to find the option to change the color of the text and the title. I’ve searched in the modfication part of the template but none of the colors changes seem to appear to my text. I Want the Text white to make it more readable. It’s not only the homepage, but the whole website.

Thanks in advance!


Yeah, because none of those options apply to 3rd party widgets. But it’s easy to change it, simply install a custom CSS plugin and add this code:

.wpdevbk label {
   color: #fff;

The label part is for your booking form which sets its own colors.

Thanks but it didn’t work. I placed the code in a custom.css file but the text color is still grey.

Not sure to what custom.css file you’re referring to. I meant you should use a plugin, like this one.