Changing social media icon

Hi guys,

Sterling job on the theme, thanks.

Quick question. If I am reading the code right, afonts.svg holds the icons for the social media widget?

Does this font hold the icon for Foursquare as well? And if so how does the line of code look? I thought I would just swap the tumblr one so I would need the right number etc for this line if it exists?

.ico-tumblr:before { content: ‘\e808’; } /* ‘’ */
.ico-tumblr:before { content: ‘???’; } /???/

Does this work?



The above won’t work.

As per now, the theme doesn’t have four square in the list of social icons. So you would need to customize the widget-social-icons.php as well as the athemes-symbols.css file and have to add the corresponding files in the fonts folder to make this happen.

You can try this and make it happen else you can always try