Changing Slider Speed causes twitches in Talon

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Hi There

As described in the topic above, I adjusted the speed from the slider to 2 seconds, with the following CSS:

    .slick-track {
        transition-duration: 2s !important;

This worked perfectly.

But now I have the problem that the slider has twitches after the third slide,
and then jumps back to the first slide, instead of continuing infinitely.

Affected homepage:

What can I do here?

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


CSS code is not an ideal way to change the slide’s speed.

The main slider is made witth Slick jQuery script. Here are the complete settings you can try.

Firstly, you have to destroy the default Slick initiation, then re-initiate your own script and include speed setting. This can be done via a child theme. If you know JavaScript or jQuery coding and child theming, I believe you’ll be able to accomplish it.

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Hey @kharisblank

Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately this is way too difficult for my little knowledge in coding. :see_no_evil:
I thought it could also be done as easily as Roman’s CSS in the previous request.

But thanks anyway for your help.

Best regards