Changing site-title font

I’ve been trying in vain to change the font used for the site title on the top left hand corner of my site.
I’ve tried: additional css {
font-family: ‘Amatic SC’, cursive;
font-size: 100px;
color: #000;
And I’ve tried using easy google fonts - and I’ve tried using it to change the h1 font, as well as trying a font control for site-title
Nothing has worked so far.
Any ideas what to try next?! The font I want is Amatic - I’ve managed to get it for h2 headings but just can’t get the site title to change.


Have you tried using a child theme to include custom font?

Pleae check this topic, that talks about this and may be working for you.

Please note that if you follow those steps, you need to create your Ignis child theme.

Read this guide, in case you’re new to child themeing.

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Hi, thank you for replying,
I tried creating a child theme the other day, using a plug in. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but suddenly found my mobile menu hamburger wasn’t working, nor the animated text in the hero section (which I’ve since dispensed with, anyway, using additional css). The menu issue resolved immediately when I deactivated the child theme but it took me a while to work out that was the issue.

I think it was the thread you quote that I found initially, when I tried to resolve the issue of fonts a few days ago, which led to me attempting to create a child theme.
I’ll read it through again, and I’ll have another go.

I’ve had a look through that thread, and I can’t see it referencing the font for the site title. I’ve changed the fonts for h1,h2, h3 etc through easy google fonts. What would that code in a child theme do, that I haven’t been able to do myself?
Basically, I want the Amatic font (or other google fonts) to appear in the drop down menu when I go to customise the font for “headings”.
Here’s my website:
I actually quite like the heading font here, the sketchy one, but I want to know how to add other fonts to the customise list .
Why can I change every other heading to whatever font I like, but not the site title? I can’t find any specific css class that refers to it.


I found this line of CSS in your Additional CSS, that is preventing the animated text on hero are from appearing. And you should remove it.

    .typed-element, .typed-cursor { display: none; }

To change the site title font via CSS, try this selector:

    .site-title {

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