Changing sequence order when using "Sydney FP: Services type A" widget

Dear aThemes Team,

Thanks for the great theme. I am ejoying creating with the free version a lot!
Using the page builder to creat a row for services gives me:
Service3 Service2 Service1

when I look at it on the page, but I would like to have
Service2 Service1 Service3

Is it possible to change the sequence order? I have looked through the documentation, watched the videos and checked the code snippets, but could not find anything. Maybe I have missed something or this is a no brainer (I am new to creating wed pages in wordpress), but I would be very happy for any tips.

Kind Regards,

Hi there…

To re-arrange the position of the posts, you can do it by updating the posts (in this case is your service items). As default the post items will be displayed and sorted by last update first.

Or you can also to try Post Types Order plugin.


Dear Awan,

Updating the service posts did not work for me so I tried your suggestion for Post Types Order plugin and that did the trick. Many thanks for the hint and for your support!


Just updating the post doesn’t work, but if you artificially alter the date the post was created, you can re-order them that way without a plugin.