Changing Photo on Home Page

Hi. I’m making a long-overdue upgrade to my website, including a change of theme. Created a staging copy of the site then changed the them to Airi and imported the Business demo. I haven’t used Airi before, but have used Astrid on a couple of other sites and thought things would work approximately the same way. Seems I was wrong!

I can’t find the place to substitute my own photo in for the one that was in the Business demo. I’ve looked through the Customizer and don’t see it anywhere. Am I missing something simple?

Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

Couldn’t all photos be changed? Or specific ones? Is there any screenshot to share that points me to which images you would like to change?

aThemes Support

I replied to the email notification as it said it would post the reply here, but I don’t see it. I was looking to change the “hero” image on the home page. I gave up and switched to Astrid theme, as there’s an option for Header Media under Site Branding. The theme works as well for me, and I’m familiar with it. So, problem solved. :slight_smile: