Changing Language to German

Hi, is it possible to change the language to German?
At the moment when i post something there aooears "posted on xxx by xxx"
I wanna change this and translate it to German, where can i do this? Is it in a PHP-File or anywhere else?

Hi, you want to install WP in German language? Read here.

After that you have to translate theme using poedit. Then read about creating POT files.

Then translate strings to German. After translating you have to save translated document from poedit with extension de_DE (for German) in theme folder > lang.

See prefixes for other languages if you are interested.

hmm, sounds pretty hard as solution.
Maybe i can describe a little bit better what i want with a picture:

Posted on

Instead of Posted on 20. März 2015 by Dennis i want that this appears:

Veröffentlicht am 20. März 2015 von Dennis.

thats all i want to change, nothing else in the Theme, so i think it should be an easier way, or better i hope so :wink:

Hey, I thought you’d say that. It is easy actually :slight_smile:

For easier solution try this, or search for appropriate plugin.

But, I encourage you to do it on proper way.
Watch this video. You don’t need to define WPLANG anymore, just download WP translation for German from here.

For theme translation just install poedit and translate _s.pot file which is located in theme folder hiero > lang.

Hi, Thx for your help.

I just downloaded PoEdit and open the _s.pot file in it and translate it to German Language.

But now i’m not sure how to go on.

Saving the translation as .po i think. But how should be the file-name? de_De.po?

You wrote that i should download WP Translation for German but when i open your link i’m not sure what to download from that file-structure…

Maybe you have to know that my WordPress-Installation is the German version.

Sorry for asking so much newbie-questions :wink:

Hi again, I am glad you made it so far.

Save file like this de_DE.po. Poedit beside .po file will automatically save file Just upload both files to hiero > lang and you’re done (Since you already have WP in German) :slight_smile: .

How it works: When your WP is in German (German translation will be loaded), when WP is in English (defaults will be loaded - English).

It´s so frustrating :frowning:

PoEdit did´n create the .mo file, even when i save it manually no .mo file appears on the folder.

So i found a online converter, which makes an .mo file from an .po file.

So i got de_DE.po and the compiled file.
I uploaded both files to hiero->lang so there are now these files in the folder:


but nothing happen on my site, still all in english :frowning:

Yep, frustrating :frowning: . I tried and it didn’t work. Seems that .pot file wasn’t updated with last theme update.

So, here it is. I created new .pot file and also .po and .mo files for German. Just download this .zip archive.

Note that I only translated one string, with google translate :slight_smile: .
Here is result.

You save my day! :smiley:

I tested it and it works fine.

So I translated all strings with Poedit and if you want you can download my .zip-file from here: de_DE

Maybe other people will have fun with the translation-file.

Thanks for your Help!

Thx, I’m glad that I helped. :slight_smile:
And thx for file.