Changing Icons in the Header Contact Info

I am sorry to be so high maintenance recently, but I am trying to excel with this fine theme.

I will never put an email address in the header - or anywhere else on a website. I want messages going through the Contact Form.

As you can see, I am using the Email field in the Header Contact Info (Sydney Pro feature) for a second company phone number in Portuguese.

How can I change that Email Icon and force the Phone Icon in that field?

Thank you. With much gratitude.


UPDATE on ticket. Sorry… If I can change the Email Icon in the Header Contact Info to the WhatsApp Icon (instead of the Phone Icon) — that would be simply AMAZING!

Hello there,

Try adding this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .header-contact-info .header-email .fa-envelope:before {
      content: "\f232";


IT WORKS!!! Thank you so much, Kharis! As usual!

This really really helps. Now, I know this is really pushing it. Sorry. My bad. But hopefully it will be a good reference post for other developers trying to accomplish the same…

Would is be possible to insert and Icon AFTER both of those fields? To the right of the phone numbers?

Only aThemes would go this far, and I appreciate to know end. You have my loyalty.

: )

Kharis, to complicate matters further… I have removed the EN and PT from those fields. The extra text broke the CALL function of the buttons.

So if adding the flag icons > after > each field is possible - it will be even MORE amazing!

(We need the flag for the United States in the first field (the Phone/Call field) …and for Brazil in the second field (what was the Email field.))

Next: The other change to make the all work is the function of the Email theme in the Theme. Using the Email field for Voice or WhatsApp is genius! I really like it!

But! It prompts the wrong action: : /

QUESTION: Is the a way to change this function. Even if I have to edit the Theme?

My first choice would be for this field to prompt WhatsApp. If such a function exists.

If not possible, simply changing the function of the Email field to a Call function would be acceptable.

Thank you so much, Kharis.