Changing font weight in main menu and Adding a line above the main menu

Would appreciate help with two issues.

  1. I want to change the weight of the font in the Main menu bar to make it lighter, or normal weight. Can this be done?

  2. I would like to add a line above the Main Menu to display contact information (email address and phone number) preferably with mailto links and phone links for mobile devices. There is one in the Atheme Sydney Pro template, but it doesn’t have links. Can this be added to the Talon Pro theme.

Thank you.


Sorry for the delay.

  1. Add this please in Customize > Additional CSS:

.main-navigation a { font-weight: 400; }

  1. It’s a bit different in Talon Pro, if you have a look at our demo site you’ll notice a Contact button in the menu. There you’ll see linked phone number and email.

Thank you for the CSS to change the menu font it worked perfectly. The delay was no problem at all.

My preference would be to have the line above the navigation bar as the information is always in front of the user. However, the popup contact is a nice feature.

Thank you.

Cliff G.