Changing font color of 2 words in the site title

Dear support,

I would really like to change the color of the 4th and 6th (‘ripped’ and ‘home’) words in my site-title, but can’t get it done despite looking online for half a day, haha. Do you guys have any idea how to do this?

Thanks a lot in advance!


My site is
Sorry, forgot to post the link to my site.


You can’t change the specific text color for the site title. Instead, please upload a logo image for your site title.


Okay, thanks for answering that! It is also not possible using this method:
I came across this and a few similar things and I think people are making it work. If not, thanks anyway and I will use an image!

According to your reference link in above, you have to wrap the word which you want to change the color using <span> tag then add CSS rule to those span tag. But to working on this, you have to modify existing PHP code which it’s beyond our support policy.

Maybe you can try to hire wordpress developer from or to help you further.

Hmm… but the simple way is use image instead :slight_smile: