Changing font attributes

I have been battling with changing the font type, size and properties on a page am working on and it is seemingly impossible. I want to make the heading for the services types a and b bold and more visible but I can’t seem to get where I can do it. Attempting to change the fonts from the customizer only increased the font size of every text on the page except for the main ones I want to increase.
Please I need help.
The page am working on is here and the items i want to give bigger fonts, bold type-face and even change to another fonts are Mission, Vision, Passion, Client Centric, Collaboration, Capacity Building.

Please all and any help is appreciated

Hello there,

To modify the font attributes for the title of the service items, please try to apply these css code below:

.service h3 {
    font-weight: bold !important;
    font-size: 20px !important;

you can put the code above using simple custom css plugin or put it in your child theme.

Thanks Awan, I’ll give it a try and update here with the results.


Thanks so so very much. it worked just perfectly. I still have other issues but I wouldn’t know it it is appropriate for this thread or a new thread created completely.


Please feel free to ask here if you have another issue related with athemes theme.
You can create new thread if the issue is different with this thread.


Thanks for your support.
I’m trying to change the size of the subtitle on the service widget area.
I’ve inserted your code snippet as you suggested in to my child theme but it has not worked for me.

Any suggestion?


HI Brendan,

Can you share your site URL please?


Hi Awan

We’re haven’t gone live yet, we working off a server. The address is :


Thanks, please try this CSS code:

.service .roll-icon-box .content h3 {
    font-size: 25px !important;


Thanks Awan. We seem to have sorted it out.

Thanks again for your assistance.