Changing Drop Cap letter size

Kind of new to WP and Astrid. Is it possible to change the Drop Cap size and font using css?
Found a bunch of stuff online but nothing that I got to work in Astrid.

Hello there,

If you use Gutenberg editor, I recommend you use Atomic Blocks’ Drop Cap. It has some styling options including font size control.


To use it, you’re required to enable Atomic Blocks plugin.


Thanks for the reply! Atomic Blocks does the job but I feel it only does it half way. The text doesn’t keep the theme color so every Drop Cap block would have to be manually adjusted. I also feel that Atomic Blocks only give me a few parameters to play with, I would like to adjust the css (Or where ever drop cap is controlled from) to give men full control of the Drop Cap site wide. The textflow around the Drop Cap in Atomic Blocks looks…not to good.

Any other suggestions out there?

Managed to solve it.

In the wp-content/plugins/gutenberg/build/block-library/style.css i changed the settings of “drop-cap”.
Still need to fine tune it but it works.

Nice solution. Hopefully Gutenberg would have extra more options for that in the upcoming versions.