Changing colour of mobile sub-menu arrow

I am using css code I found to change the colour of the mobile menu (text and backgroud) at …, but can’t find anything to change the colour of the arrow on the right hand side that expands menu (in this case language) in to the lower level sub-menu options. It’s there, but white so not visible.

Please can you provide code to format this as I can’t locate the element.

Many thanks

Tried the following and clearing cache, etc., but not working.

    #mainnav-mobi .btn-submenu {
      color: #303030 !important;

Hello there,

Your code looks correct. Probably active cache prevents web browsers to load latest version of your site. You have to flush it first.


I’ve had a look at that and cleared the cache in various ways, but no success. There is not cache’ing plugins installed.

Every other string of custom CSS code (including those related to the menu/subm-menu colours) has had instant effect and without issue, so it seems potentially something specific to this element?

Found the following code which appears to do the desired job.

color: #303030;

With this there doesn’t appear need for other piece of code.


I saw it looks good now.


Good job!