Changing blog page/blog post layout


I got someone to install Moesia and it’s been great. It’s a one-page site so i don’t really need anything else.

However, just recently I decided to blog post. But I want my blog page (without the right tag cloud and stuff) and blog posts to look clean and readable.

Blog page (without tag cloud and right frame things)
Blog post

Any suggestions on where I can start? And how I can do this myself?

Hi, can you provide us your page link. Those links does not appear to be a WordPress site?

If you have moesia theme installed somewhere, sidebar can be removed.

Hi dimik

Srry for the late response. Yes, the sample site is not a wordpress site, but I’m just looking to have a similar ‘look’ of it. Like setting the page to center, the font spacing, the font and color, etc.

How can I have that?

Hi, first set up and change everything you can from Appearance > Customise, then share your page link with us. It will be easier for us to help you with some customisation.

Achieving the look of the pages you linked above can’t be done without theme customisation. But we can help you with removing the sidebar, font spacing, the font and color.

Be sure that you changed everything you could from Customiser and also read documentation.