Changes not being saved

I moved my site from one server to another (within the same hosting company). My page used to work just fine for a while, but know I’m getting issues.

My main problem is that during editing my page via wordpress dashboard many changes I make are not saved. For instance:

  1. I cannot edit the style.css file, what has been available before. After editing it and hitting “update file” button it gets back to the previous version. The only way I can modify the file is accessing it outside of wordpress, directly via FTP and uploading it again, overwriting the previous version.
  2. I cannot modify the content of my page. It all looks ok as long I am in page builder, but as soon as I hit “update” button it all gets back to the previous state.

My page is

I have no idea why is this happening, but something tells me it is somehow connected.

Pls help!

Problem solved - the issue was in redirecting my domain to the wordpress installation folder. You need to have it set to ‘without separation’.

Awesome! I’m glad to hear you’ve been able to resolve it by yourself. And, thank you for sharing.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: