Changelog for Perth Pro

Hey there,

where can I find the changelog for Perth Pro?
For Sydney Pro I can read it here: https://athemes. com/changelog/sydney-pro/
For Astrid Pro here: https://athemes. com/changelog/astrid-pro/

Where can I read it for Perth pro?

Thanks in advance,

Hi there,

All the theme updates we’ve done in this batch refer to making the footer link nofollow.


Hi vlad,

thank you very much for coming back to us and for the information.

Since we use 17 WordPresses with your themes (clearly with upward trend) it would be great to have information sources for your changes in all themes. You seem to have changelog pages for several of your themes we use (which is great), but not for all. If you had such changelog pages for all themes we (and potentially others who also want to know whats happing in terms of updates) wouldn’t have to ask for changes every time again you update such a theme.

Is there a chance, that you will add changelog pages to the themes that currently have none?

Thanks again in advance and, of course, for your great themes!