Change Widget Title Color


I need to change the color of the title text within a text (text/html) widget on the front page. I cannot seem to find the ability anywhere to change the color. I have checked both the Customize menu and the individual widget menu (as shown in the tutorials). I have managed to remove all of the light pink color from the website except for this. Can you help me find where to change this color?

Thank you!


Post a link to your website please and show me exactly what you mean. All things red are part of the Primary Color option in Customize > Colors. Including the widget title decorations if that’s what you’re referring to.

Thank you so much for your reply! Regrettably, I am working on the site offline (locally), so I am unable to provide a link. However, I have double checked the settings you mentioned.

However, as an example, I can tell you exactly where I am referring to using the Demo site. I imported the demo (as per your instructions) and began to customize. All of the red color is gone from my website (since I changed the Primary Color in Customize > Colors) except for the title of the text widget on the main page. On the demo it says: “Do You Want To…” in all capitals. That is still red on my website, despite the fact that I have changed the settings. The Meet the Team and See Some Facts boxes have changed and I manually changed the red background in some of the boxes fine. No matter what, however, that title (and any new text/html widget I add’s title) stays red.

Do you have any idea why this could be?

Thank you!

I think I understand. That title is not part of the color scheme, although the color is the same. So if you edit your page you’ll have a Layout Builder widget on one of the rows. Click Edit and it will have two rows inside. Click Edit Row for the first one and you’ll see the color there.
It’s just a regular color setting like all rows have.

THANK YOU! Although I had repeatedly searched, I made the mistake of assuming that it was a font color, rather than a clear font, on a solid red background - thus I was looking for the settings within the widget, rather than the row.

All fixed. Thanks again for the help!