Change to no background for header image

Is there a way to have no background color for the header? I’m using a foggy forest image and it would be better with no background at all as it’s already somewhat murky. I can do it with a css plugin but when I tried using .site-header it still looked like something was affecting the clarity of the image. I would like it to be just the image without being affected by either the main background color or .site-header background color. Hope that makes sense.

I’m doing this for a client so her name will probably show up. I purchased the theme for her. My name is Mike


If you use this you’ll see the image without any overlay:

.site-header {
     background-color: transparent;
.site-header::after {
     opacity: 1;

Hi Vlad,
Thanks for getting back so quickly. I had figured out the opacity thing before checking back. I had to use !important for it to work.

`.site-header::after { opacity: 1 !important; }

I don’t see if a difference if I set the transparency or not. Do you recommend including it. It seems to work either way.

No, sorry. The transparency part isn’t needed.