Change title text color


Here’s my page:
I want to change the “About us” title to white color, I wanted to try by myself first but I don’t know how to access the html file to assign an id to the <h3>About us</h3> to change it. I don’t want to change the class contained within it, because it will change all the <h3> to white. Can you provide me with a code for this? Thanks!

Hello there,

Try the following code.

#pgc-22-2-0 .widget-title{
  color: #fff;


Hi Khrais,
I have the same problem and very new this world. Where exactly do I paste the above code?



You can install a plugin called “custom CSS” and paste the code there (Appearance > custom CSS) and it will apply the new css style. This is to make sure the effect will stay if the theme is updated in the future.