Change title color in widget


I have searched and tried all I found here, but it didn’t worked for me.
My problem is simpe: I have a section like you on your demo page (Do you want to…). There is a pic in the back and in my case I choose the news in the front. But I didn’t get the color of the title changed!
In your example it’s red, I have the default grey and all I have found here has only changed the color of the text of the news font. Maybe I miss something at the custim css?

Sorry for my bad english~

And: I love your theme and worked hard to get a nice site with it :wink: thanks a lot for your hard work.


I’m sorry, I don’t understand exactly what you mean. If you want to change the color just go to Edit Row and change it. Note that the Do you want to… row is inside a Layout Builder widget which contains two rows. Post a link please so I can understand exactly what you mean.

thanks for your fast reply.
In the moment the site is in German only, sorry. But maybe you can see what I mean at “Die letzten Beiträge”. This Titel I want to change to another color.
It’s the widget “Latest news” within an row with an backgroundimage in layout full width. I don’t know how it works with two rows like you told.


Sorry about the two rows thing, I thought you meant something else.

You can simply change the color for the whole row by going to Edit Row. You can’t change it only for the title.

No problem.

That’s a pitty, but thanks for your help. I will try out to change it all. Thanks a lot.

I found a workaround an maybe somebody is interested:

I leave the title in the widget ‘last news’ empty. Then I added a new widget above it in the same row: Layout Builder. There I made a row with the color for the header I wished and a simple text widget, where I add the title and minimize the padding.
It’s maybe not the best, but it’s functional at all :slight_smile:

Yeap, that’s actually how we built this row from the demo page.