Change the width of pages


I’d like to increase the width of pages but did not find any option in the “content” or “page” section in the css file.
Could you point me to the right path? :slight_smile:



There isn’t an option for this because it’s not so easy in a proper way for all screen sizes.
What exactly are you trying to achieve and for what type of pages?

Hi Vlad,

thanks for the quick response.
I want to display images in more than 3 columns. Since I am not using any sidebars there is a lot of space that is “wasted” right now.


Post a link to that page please. Is that the only page you’re interested in modifying?

Actually would be okay if its only one page. But probably easier to have it global. Both is fine.


Oh, it’s actually a page. Just assign the Full Width page template to it.

cmon…why that easy? I wanted to rework the css model :smiley:
Thank you Vlad!

That wouldn’t have been much fun either. You would need just a few lines of CSS to do it manually.