Change the slider position

I`m try to change the position of the slider. No luck yet.

I changed the size of the .header-slider so that the slider images are not full screen anymore. Now it appears that the images get cut of.

Is there a way to lift the slider or the images a little so that the framing is better?

Thanks very much.

you can see what I mean if you have a look at my site. The cars are completely missing and only the sky is left.


The cars are completely visible if you mean those Ferarris. Also, the slider starts from the top, can’t be lifted any more than this :slight_smile: Perhaps I don’t understand what you mean.

Hello Vlad,
Oh so its the other way arround ;) Im on a 2560 x 1440 screen and the cars are completely gone.

Maybe than just make the image smaller in hight. I tried to crop the image in hight but that makes it completely worst.

I had a look with some screen testers and I sort of see what you mean. You could try containing the image for larger screens which will stop it from expanding horizontally.

@media only screen and (min-width: 1920px) {
   .slides-container .slide-item {
      background-size: contain !important;

But the most logical way would be to just use an image with the same ratio as the rest (which look better from what I can see), which would be 1.77.

Right now your screen (and most peoples screen) has a 1.77 ratio while your Ferrari image has 2.77. It cannot look right while also trying to be full screen, simply because it won’t fit.