Change the format in footer

Hi there,

I need to change the padding slightly in the footer area to make the text all on one line.

Could you advise a few lines of CSS for that to be done?

Webpage screenshot of footer

Sorry, didn’t mention that it is only the email address that I need on one line, the others are fine.


The image you’ve shared in above are not displayed. Can you please to share the URL of your site instead?


Image of footer

Sorry about that!


Please try these CSS code below:

.footer-contact-block {
    height: 150px;

Put the code into: Customize > additional CSS. And feel free to adjust the value of the height from the code in above.


Thanks Awan,
What about the width? To get the email onto one line?

Actually, I have solved it myself! Thanks Awan!

…and what was that solution? Pray tell.