Change the colour of the overlay on the pages in Sydney

I would like to change the colour of the overlay in Sydney on just the pages, because when a user scrolls down the page the overlay changes to black and nearly hides the company logo.

I have tried a temp fix but this leaves a gap between the slider images on the front page at the top, so I would prefer to know where the change should be made in the CSS or to know what custom CSS to use.

I managed to make a pale background for the menu by adding a strip to the images. So it’s just this black overly on the pages when scrolling down that I need to fix.

Also is there a way of making the top header text line a little narrower? Where is the CSS for this?

Can anyone help


Steve B

Hello there,

Is there any live URL where I can see the trouble on?


HI there

The URL is

At the moment because I added a little css it changes to white, but as I say above there is a gap I don’t want between the image top (you can see through the overlay) and the top bar.

I just really need to know where to change the colour of the overlay the changes to balck.



Hi Kharis

As I was interested in changing the size of the front page slider as per this post:-

Reduce size of slider image

Started by:  JeanneF9

I applied the piece of CSS code you gave this person and it worked fine for me to reduce the slider a bit. It ALSO has stangely fixed my problem of the gap at the top of the page!!


Steve B

Hi Steve,

Thank you for updating me. It looks like you’ve done a good job to resolve the gap issue. Please let us know in a new topic if you need anything else.