Change text color of services with CSS

Good morning vlad,

I tried to change the text color of the services with some CSS but doesnt work.

.services-area {

Can you pls send me the correct CSS code? Thank you :).

To change it in the customizer is no solution for me since I need one services area with light and another one with dark color :).


Hey, your code should work, but try this too, it’s more specific:

section#services {
  color: white;

Also post your page link. I ma certan that you already overriding that value with CSS.

Hey dimikjones! Thank you. But somehow both versions don’t work…

Here is my page:

This would work if you’re referring to the first section:

#pgc-2918-0-1 .service-desc {
   color: #fff;

There is inline css applied, probability specified from Services widget: .service-desc { color: #c9c9c9; }

thanks guys, .service-desc it is :). Great support!