Change Template for One Page

I have a series of pages where I talk about the individual services that my firm offers - LINK and am interested in make changes to one of the actual service pages - LINK.

Is it possible to change the template on a specific page like that? Ideally, I’d like to build the page full width and insert rows of information. First row would be two columns, with text in the first and twitter feed in second - to replicate current Service Page, and the second row would contain a Plotly that would run full page (or almost full page).

Is something like that possible for just one page in a subset of pages that are using a specific template?

Thank you.


Hello Andy,

To create multiple content block in a page and insert some special content, you can enable Page Builder. Check out this tutorial that walks you through composing column and insert the contents with available widgets.

To create horizontally full stretched row, under the Layout options, in Row Layout dropdown, select Full Width Stretched. This is the way we applied on the “Even more services” block on our homepage demo.


In the Page that I’m trying to modify the Add Widget; Add Row, etc options are not available.

Also no way on right hand side to change the spacing and padding.

Am I missing something?

Thank you.


Bumping this thread - is there anyway to change the formatting on just one Template Page?

I’m modifying the My Services Post Type and it is based upon a template that doesn’t allow for modification of the physical page set up. Is there a way to override this?

I was able to figure out how to change the margins for just one page - I need to add the following CSS that applied to the one page that I only wanted to affect - there were several plugins controlling CSS that you can do this with (Simple Customer CSS and JS for example).

.content-wrapper {width:95%;max-width:95% !important}
.main-container {width:100%;max-width:100% !important}

.content-area.col-md-9 { width: 100% !important}
.row {
max-width: 100%;
.main-container {
margin-top: 100px;
margin-bottom: 100px;
margin-right: 50px;
margin-left: 50px;