Change small screen nav layout structure

Currently when viewing the navigation menu on a small screen, it shows as vertical and the navigation box covers about 3/4 of the page I was on before clicking on the menu. There are also “+” signs that come up to extend the menu to show the submenu items.

  1. Can I get rid of the “+” signs and just have the entire menu and submenu pages show up upon clicking the menu button?
  2. Is it possible to cover the page I was on with the menu, rather than having the menu extend to 3/4 the page?

Side note: the menu on a small screen is responding oddly which I think is being caused by setting the menu to sticky in the menu settings. I’ll post another ticket later when I can better explain the odd behavior.

Thanks so much for all your help.

  1. Nope, sorry.
  2. If you cover the whole page, then you won’t see the close button for the mobile menu.

Marking as resolved.