Change #slugs?

Hello Vlad, did you miss me?

I was turning me alone until I made a silly mistake by changing the block taxonomy “employeer” and then he disappeared from my page.

I found this silly I did a lot of fun I must admit, but I could not do what I need …

I want to make links within the page and so far was using the original slugs as #clients, #projects, #contact

But now I need to modify these words to be closer to my goals. In fact, I can not just translate to Portuguese, because eg #employeers should now be # target audience.

I do not know if I could explain it, but I know you will be able to understand xD

note: you think I should just translate and use different words instead of “really translate” or has an easier way to achieve change the slugs without having problems with disappearing blocks?



So you would basically want to change the sections IDs? You can only do that if you overwrite the widgets php files. To be honest, I don’t really understand why you want to do this because when you click in your menu on Services (for example) to slide down to the services widget, the link itself won’t be changed.

I want to use the same way to send to my form. See I’m not using the original block of Moesia, just a text widget.

Same too employees widgets, as you can see, they are not really employees, just a simple image sobre my audience targets.

I Can’t not use “#employees” to mention other thing unless employees.

Still not sure I understand but I think you want to add a link to your menu to take your visitors to the contact form, right? In this case you need to use the ID of that row, so the link you add would be:
And for the employees you can also add the ID of the row like this:

Hope I understood correctly :slight_smile:

Yes! Thanks!

Just let me know, how can I see the IDs of any ROW?

You can use the Chrome dev tools:
When you’re inspecting the site you can look for the panel-grid class and take the IDs from there.