Change Slider Speed

Hi everyone!

I use the free Sydney version and I love it! :slight_smile:

I would like to slow down the play speed of the slider on the front page.

I can’t find any “speed” or “duration” line in the editor section.

Could anyone help me?

Best regards from Hannover, Germany



We’ve actually included an option for this for the next version. Should be live in a couple of days after it is reviewed and approved.

Hi Vlad,

Perfect, thanks a lot!

Is the speed option available in the PRO version now?

One more question regarding Sydney Pro – The free version doesn’t resize the slider properly for mobile viewing. Does the Pro version resize to comply with the Google mobile friendly rule? Thanks!

Hi Using the free theme sydney. I am using the slider with just one picture. however it tries to go to the second picture which is blank. How to stop it? Fix this issue.

@cherylebernard: What exactly do you mean that the slider doesn’t resize? It’s full screen on all devices. Most people use the bundled Revolution Slider in the pro version anyway.

@Denvin: I wouldn’t call it an issue. It’s a slider, it’s supposed to slide images. But you can stop it from sliding in the next version anyway, we’ve submitted it but it takes a couple of days to be approved.

I’m sorry for being unclear. The slider “slides” but only shows half of each image and none of the text. See: Thank you!