Change search results page to masonry style

Good afternoon,

First of all, let me say how much I love your Sydney theme. I’ve had a lot of fun relaunching my blog/website in the last days.

Small issue: I’d like the search results page to look like the front page and categories/tags/archives pages: masonry style.

I’m using a child theme and have wrestled with that child theme’s search.php and content-search.php and have got it to show the same style header and the list of search results in “masonry bricks”. However, they are listed vertically instead of actually forming a grid.

This is my site:

If you can help me at all: Would you like to see some code, e.g. my attempts at customising search.php and content-search.php? I can also send you a temporary admin access to have a look for yourself.

Thank you very much!