Change search icon

Please could I change the header at the top of the website to match this? So the search bar drops below

Hello @james2,

This has been done on your " Active-preset-1-version-1.01" theme. Let us know if there is anything else you need.

Thank you Enes, at present the drop down covers our logo and apologies if I wasn’t clear but meant I’d like the logo, menu, search icon & basket formatted the same as the screenshot attached with the logo in the centre please?

Thank you

Actually please could the search bar remain fixed below this, so the header bar includes

Menu - Logo - basket
Search bar

Thank you

Hello @james2

While we could move the search bar down as that is a small css customization, redesigning the whole header is not included in the support. We are happy to revert our change if needed.

Support does not include

  • Customizations (anything more than a few lines of CSS);
  • Third party plugins;
  • Creating layouts/elements that are not present on the demo site.

Hi Enes,

Thank you for the clarification, if this is the case would it be possible to stop the search drop down clashing with the logo and add a slight shadow below the search drop down? Thank you

Hi @james2,

We have moved the search down so it doesn’t clash with the logo, and there is now a slight shadow on the dropdown.

I have same issue but Now I change the icon. It is very easy.

Thank you very much.
I have been facing the same issue. Now it’s working. I am running ecommerce store for best grunge clothes. So find a particular product had been difficult for users. But now it’s working properly.

Exactly I tried but this didn’t work for me. You have to learn JavaScript. I know that many sites give adorable search boxes. However we call this search box as Search Engine.

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