Change 'Our Services' page to just 'Services'

As I’m a sole developer, I’d like to use the Services Template on a page called ‘Services’, rather than ‘Our Services’, which is necessary to invoke the right template.

Which template file will I need to make changes to in order for this to work?


The name of the page can be whatever you like, it does not invoke the services page template. Selecting it from the dropdown sets the page template. There’s nothing specific to Moesia here.

Only thing you need is to change the page slug, because will point to the Services custom post type archive, not to your actual page. Same goes for every other CPT.

So you can name your page Services and that will be the title displayed on your page, but make sure the URL is something like: or or whatever you want, just don’t let it be

Ah! Okay, I didn’t know that the conflict was coming from the slug. Many thanks.