Change order of gallery categories


I am making a gallery site with Sydney.

Is there a way to rearrange the gallery categories as they appear on the page?

It seems to be set to alphabetical but I’d like to choose my own order for the titles.

Can’t post pics here but if you goto and hit the enter gallery button you’ll see a row of buttons for different art sections… Show All, Formula One, Miscellaneous and Other Art.

I want the Miscellaneous button to go last in this row so it will read: Show All, Formula One, Other Art, Miscellaneous

How do I change the order of the buttons?

Hello there,

You can do custom ordering as desired using this plugin.


Many thanks.

I’ll give that a try.


Ok. I have installed that plug in and the order has changed.

But. The order I input isn’t the order it shows on the page.

Whatever order I put them in the order on the page is always MISCELLANEOUS FORMULA ONE OTHER AUTO ART

What am I doing wrong here?

I’m getting there and I’m sure this is an easy fix that I’m just not seeing.


Hi Jonathan,

That plugin works fine on my test site. Do you have other active plugins? Maybe one of them contains a couple of scripts which prevents it from working normally.


Hi & cheers,

Seems to be working now.

Many thanks,