Change of main image for Home 6

Thanks for providing this great theme.
I chose to use the variant Home 6 of the West.
But here the main image is (obviously) not used as header image but somehow hard-coded?

I could not yet find the place where to change this image. Did I miss something?
I did import the demo content and was using Live composer to change the individual parts already but am struggling on the image “construction-worker” which is an inline style.

Thanks for any hint

Hello there,

That image was specified through the row options in the live composer. You can change it by doing the following:

View page (while being logged in as admin) > move your pointer to the first row > Edit options > upload your image from “BG Image”.


that easy?

Alright, I simply overlooked the options bar for that specific row somehow.
But yeah, works great.

Thank you so much.