Change modify editor - view on web

i’ve a problem about Moesia.
I apply some changes in the editor css.
i’ve add a background-color: rgba(0,0,0,.6) in call to action section under the text in action and even change the icon fa-link and fa-search with font awesome in projects section.
All works with firefox, but with chrome see nothing; even in ios (mobile) safari.

how it’s possible? i tried delete the cookies but nothing.
what can i do?

other question… can i add a title that show in hover project’s section?

thanks for the Answer!!


Please post a link to your website, so we can check.

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Wait a moment, I restarted my pc and on Chrome i see the modify… Ok maybe the problem was the cookie?!?

so i can’t insert the website because it’s in maintenance mode;
but now I would like to know if it’s possible insert a tag <p></p> in project side hover.

I have a screenshot for this



Yes, maybe it was a cache issue, if you have a cache plugin installed / activated, I suggest to remove it, while you are working / modifying your site, when you finish the modifications, you can re-install it.

  • You can’t insert a p tag on project hover.

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