Change mobile nav from vertical to horizontal

Is it possible to change nav from vertical layout to horizontal? Thanks!

Oops, sorry, for the above request, I meant on the mobile/small screen view.

No. I don’t see how that would work. Generally mobile menus are vertical.

That was a very poorly phrased question on my part. I’m looking for the mobile navigation to be how it is on your Moesia theme.

You can’t really change many things in the mobile menu layout because, as you can see, it’s integrated with the content area as well. So it’s not a simple case of adding some CSS.

If you really don’t like you could maybe install a mobile menu plugin and then hide the default menu if needed.

I appreciate your advice. Is there a mobile menu plugin you recommend?

I’m not familiar with any of them. But I see there are a few available.

Hi Vlad,

PS. It’s not that I hate the mobile navigation, I found a bug (I think). If you click on a page link from the navigation menu when it pops up, no problem. However, when the nav menu is open, if you accidentally touch the right side of the screen (I.e., the page you were on when you clicked on the nav button), then the elements on the page start to interact and overlap with the nav menu. I found this when testing the site on an actual mobile device. I did NOT find this to happen when testing the site from the customizer.

I guess that would happen depending on what content is on the right side. Could you share a link to your page in case you’re still using the default menu?

So I think I see what you mean. Could you add this please and recheck:

[off-canvas*=left] { z-index: 99; }

Yep, that fixed the issue. Cool, thanks.