Change mobile logo

Could you tell me how can I customize mobile version. The problem: I want to use another logo in mobile version, but the element inherits from the main version. How can I solve it?

Hi there,

So you have to display difference logo image in desktop and mobile screen?
Here is the step:

  1. install Header and Footer plugin
  2. upload your 2nd logo to your dashboard > media
  3. Add these javascript code to the Header and footer plugin:
jQuery(window).on('resize', function(){
	var w = jQuery(this);
	if(w.width() <= 768) jQuery('.site-logo').attr('src', 'CHANGE THIS WITH YOUR 2nd LOGO URL');
	else jQuery('.site-logo').attr('src', 'CHANGE THIS WITH YOUR MAIN LOGO URL');

Let see how it works.


thank you so much!