Change Log

Hi Guys,
thanks once again for your awesome themes. I enjoy them.

Could you please add a sticky post to Astrid Forum with the link to the change log? Similar to that in Sydney?
So, everybody can see in a fast manner, what changed and if it is necessary to risk an update.

Thank you. Keep on your good work.


We don’t have a changelog for Astrid at the moment, not until from the moment when we introduced that new changelog style for Sydney. Last update was just related to page templates and it was sort of an emergency, that’s why we haven’t started the changelog. But that’s the plan anyway.

Hi Vlad,
thanks for your reply. Thats helps a bit.

I will stick to the version I am using right know, as everything works fine for me and my configuration. Even more, that there was a sort of emergency :wink:

As I did not upgrade WP to the new release, I will wait a little more, as everything works fine.

Thanks and all the best.