Change Link on logo

on my site there is a page called “home”, which is the first on in the menue on top.

But when entering the site via url or by reloaden the page by click on the logo, the wrong site is shown.

What can i do to solve this?
Thank you!

Hello there,

If you have imported demo, then home page is pointing to sydney demo page, just edit home menu item, and set it to point to your domain

If there is something else, please share your page link with us so we can inspect home page link, thanks.

All the Best!

I´m sorry, but i dont understand.
Heres my website:

Would be cool, if you would have a look. Thx!

Hello again,

Yes, your home link is pointing to some other page. Just remove your current link, and replace it with correct one. This is more WP related question, so please search for some guides on the web, like this one for example:

All the Best!