Change link color

Hi everyone,

My site is:

I am wondering if there is a way to change the colour of the link on a page? I’m not looking to change the colour of all links for the site. Just one particular link on a page. Please help.

Thank you,



Sure it’s possible. You’ll need some custom CSS though. Post a link to the page you want and let me know exactly where you want the link color changes (as in, the whole page, just a section etc).

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for your help! There are only 3 pages I would like it on.

At the bottom of the page on the home page:

And in the body of the text on these 2 pages:

For all pages the link will be after all the text.

Now I’m a musician, I don’t know a lot about coding. So can you please break it down step by step where I put code and how I get to that area?



You can use this and change #555 to the color you want. Follow the instructions from your other topic.

.page-id-2 .content-area a,
.page-id-18 .content-area a {
      color: #555;

Don’t understand exactly for your front page. Maybe you can mark it on a screenshot.

Thank you! It worked for the about page and meet the staff page but not the home page. The text is at the bottom of the page.

I haven’t given you any code for the home page. As I said, I don’t know what text you are referring to. The footer? That post? The title of the post?

Oh Sorry, it’s the words in the post. On another note. Is there a way to remove the posted date thing and also remove the leave comment part?

.home .entry-post a {
      color: #555;

There’s an option for that in Customize > Blog options.

it would be really nice, when this option with different colors for links would be aviable “in the theme”. Thanks!

All fixed, thank you!