Change length of text automatically pulled into the Services widget

I’m using the Sydney theme and installed the Services A and Services B widget. Both pull the full content from the associated Service pages, but I only want a small portion of the content to show, or input custom text that appears rather than the text on the pages it’s pulling from. How can I do that?


For the default of the theme, the service widget are displaying full content of the service text using the_content() function of wordpress codex.

if you won’t to display it with full text, you can change it using the_excerpt() function, but it’s better if you made it using child theme. And here is the files you need to edit:
“theme folder/widgets/fp-service-type-a.php” and “theme folder/widgets/fp-service-type-b.php”

Hi Awan, thanks so much for responding! I’m really new to Wordpress and I’m sad to say I don’t really understand how to change this function. Can I do it via the WP admin or is it through the FTP?

Hello letters,

normally it doesn’t make a difference (I guess) whether you change it per FTP or per wp admin. But if you have the access to the FTP I would prefer doing it this way, because with changing the files with a programm like notepad++ or whatever, you can undo your changes easily if you dont close the files. Otherwise you need to delete the added or changed code and must hope that you get it in the old way.

yes, its better if you modifying the files through the FTP. And please make sure you edit the related files from your child theme