Change language in the contact footer widget

Hi Vlad

I want to change the language of the specific “adress” and “phone” of the contact widget. Since the website im dooing is in danish.

in the browser I found it under class=“widget moesia_contact_info_widget” and class=“fa fa-phone” & class=“fa fa-home”

Is there any easy way to change it?

I think I have found the text lines in contact-info.php, but there are so many places where phone and adress is included, that im afraid I would f*** something up if I tried something.

Also, if I have too adresses, is it somehow possible to just write the second adress just below the first one? (perhaps a matter of text formatting somehow)

Hope you can help me with this one,

Hi, you can change those lines, but your changes will be lost on next theme update.
echo '<span><i class="fa fa-phone"></i>' . __('Phone: ', 'moesia') . '</span>' . $phone;
Just change Phone: to something.
echo '<span><i class="fa fa-phone"></i>' . __('Lorem ipsum: ', 'moesia') . '</span>' . $phone;

If you have WordPress installation on Danish, it would be better to just create translation. Form theme folder > languages you have to translate moesia.pot file and save translation as da_DA.pot and (Use poedit for translation).

Search through forums, it is explained in several threads. Like this one.

Okay, thanks a lot for your answer dimikjones

I’ll have a look at that.

Hi dimikjones,
is there any possibility to change just one moesia_contact_info_widget language, in a case, when I have two languages (ENG & CZE) at site? At footer I have two those widgets, so I need one for ENG, which is now OK, but one in CZE where should be “adress” & “phone” in CZE language?

Thank you in advance!



These text strings already using theme text domain which means that you can create translation inside wp-content\themes\moesia\languages folder. Use poedit software​, load translation file from theme folder, translate it, and name it according to WP Codex

Even better option would be to translate it over WordPress org and when it is approved by translation moderator for your language translation will be available for everyone and translation file will be loaded automatically when CZE language is loaded.

3rd method wold be to use some translation plugin like loco translate and to translate just strings which you need to be translated

Best Regards!