Change header title h3 to h1

how can i change the deafult h3 title in sydney widgets to h1?
that would be for all widgets. i know there is some code needed but i cant do it myself…
need thhis beacuse of google ranking…

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us here.

It can be managed from the following path:

Dashboard > Settings > Page Builder > Widgets > Widget Title HTML.


<h3 class="widget-title">{{title}}</h3>


<h1 class="widget-title">{{title}}</h1>

Then hit the “Save Settings” button.


you sir are the king of support.
Thank you so much!

No problem. Just go easy on it. :slight_smile:

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yes, i have some other issues, please take a look here and here.
of course rated you guys - i would give you 10 stars if that would be possible.

Thank you for your hard work.


Can this change be made for just one widget on the front page? I don’t want all of them to be showing as h1.


Hi Nicki,

Sorry, I am not sure it is possible to do. However, you can try to use the text widget and insert it at the most top. Use the following code to adjust its size:

<h1 style="font-size:14px;">Your text goes here</h1>