Change Header colour for individual Widget

I found the code snippet and downloaded the Simple Custom CSS Plug in.

I then copied the following into the plug in’s text area.

#pg-204-3 .widget-title {
color: #000; //replace #000 with the color you want

Then, as per instruction I changed “204” to my page ID “95” for my page Pests We Treat.

Then I changed “3” to “0” as it was the first row I wanted to change and then I changed “#000” to “#d84b4b

My entry into Simple Custom CSS was EXACTLY as follows:

#pg-95-0 .widget-title {
color: #d84b4b; //replace #000 with the color you want

What have I done wrong?? Nothing changed on the page.


I am talking about the TITLE HEADING, not the header color.

Also here is a link to the page.

Hello there,

I’d be more than happy to assist you with this; but, the link you shared returns not found. Could you please share the valid one?